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hunhanexo said: Who do you prefer..? Jasper Cillessen or Tim Krul..?

Hi! I think Tim is really cool and he did great during the Costa Rica match, I just have a preference for Jasper Cillessen :) 

Thanks for the message, and for your posts in your football blog! 


PC: Paul Berends /Eric Elenbaas

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You know why am I so proud of this Holland team? Here are the reasons

  • Before the tournament started, no one, even their own media, expected that this team would get this far, given the fact that half of the team is young players
  • They got this far not because of luck but the effort of their own.
  • They beat Spain 5-1 and Brazil 3-0. That says something.
  • No matter what you say, they leave this World Cup unbeaten (in normal time and extra time)

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This was by far the best group I’ve ever coached. And I’m not talking about football quality but the quality as a human being, as a sportsman, how you deal with each other and that you are all pulling the same rope.

Of course we can always play better but the will to win every match saw you back. We have four games to zero and held an average of [scoring] two goals per game.

Louis van Gaal, on the Netherlands 2014 World Cup team 
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